The conditions of the GDPR protection

I. The basic provision

1. The administrator of personal data according to the article (IV./7 of the European Parliament and Council 2016/679 in relation to the processing of personal data and free movement of general personal data (further only as “GDPR”) is “Live Jukebox” LtD, TAX ID: 03570690, Petrzilkova 2262/22, Prague 13, 158 00 Prague (further called “administrator”). The processor of personal data for Live Jukebox performs Lucie Rousarova, the manager of the accountancy office, TAX ID 8057101140, Nam. 17. Listopadu 68, Pribram 261 01 who is the main person responsible for processing of general personal data which are included in particular invoices provided by an artist to the administrator for financial purposes.

2. Contact data of the administrator:
Address: 2262/22, 158 00 Praha 13
Telephone: +420 604 733 853

3. Personal data: defined as all information about an identified or indentifiable physical person. As far as the identifiable person is concerned, this person can be easily identified by any other person, directly or indirectly on basis of name, ID, physics, physiological, genetical, psychical, economic, cultural or social identity of this natural person.

4. The administrator did not secure a commissioner for general personal data protection.

II. II. Sources and categories of personal data processed

5. The role of an administrator is to process your personal data that you have provided in relation to the representation regarding your artistic activity.

6. The administrator processes your ID data, contact data and data needed for meeting obligations which are subject to particular agreements made on the basis of an agreement in principle on the creation of the artistic performance made between the administrator and an artist in terms of the music production.

III. Legal reason and purpose of personal data processing

7. Legal reason of personal data processing is:
– To act on the agreement between you and the administrator under the article 6/1 b) GDPR
– To meet the legal obligation of the administrator according to the article 6/1 b) GDPR
– To give consent by a person for a one or more particular purposes

8. The purpose of personal data processing is:
– The register of artists represented by the administrator in relation to the nature of the administrator’s business (name, surname, address, birth number, ID number, TAX ID number, account number)
– Data required to make an agreement in dependence on an offer coming from a client of the administrator; it is not possible to make an agreement without provision of your personal data
– Invoicing requirement of an involved person against the administrator

9. The administrator does not make decisions individually in every situation in relation
to the article 22 GDPR.

10. Once consent has been withdrawn, the administer is obliged to delete the contact.

IV. Your rights

11. With regards to the GDPR regulation, you have right to:
– the access to your personal data regarding the article 15 GDPR
– correct your personal data regarding the article 16 GDPR (limitation of data processing in terms of the article 18 GDPR)
– have deleted your personal data in terms of the article 17 GDPR
– raise an objection against processing according to the article 21 GDPR
– transferability of personal data according to the article 20 GDPR
– withdraw the consent with processing your personal data in a written form or electronically in relation to the article I/2 of this document

12. You have also right to make a complaint at the office for personal data protection in
case you assume that the right to protect your personal data has been infringed.

V. Conditions of personal data protection

13. The administrator declares that he has adopted all suitable technical and
organizational measures to protect personal data.

14. The administrator has adopted the technical measures to protect data repositories
and personal data repositories made in the paper form.

15. The administrator declares that the access to personal data is allowed
only to authorized persons of the administrator.

VI. Final provisions

16. By signing of this document you confirm that you are aware of conditions of
personal data protection and that you accept them in its entirety and agree with
your personal data processing.

Withdrawal of the consent

Withdrawal of the consent

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